Veloo - Haptic Communication & Child Safety
Balance-bike-addon Design Concept
© 2014 Stefan Silberfeld, Isabel Prade, Ali Kerem Atalay
University of Applied Arts Vienna
Veloo is an add-on package for balance bikes, which enables parents to communicate with their kid from a distance and providing the parents the opportunity to slow them down remotely, aiming a better kid-parent interaction during a safer balance bike experience.
The package includes a roll-brake, custom grips and a wearable for the parents. Giving the kid also the possibility to say no to their parents while communicating through the custom grips, it differs from today’s inhumane ‘kid-leash’ products. 
The roll-brake is using a simple permanent magnet motor which speed is adjusted by changing resistance. Energy is recovered to a small battery. Every possible adjustment is designed to be child-safe (2-finger unlocking).
The wearable consists of vibration motors and two buttons, a Message-button to send stipulated messages and a Stop-button to carefully trigger the brake.
The handlebar has a simple switch and vibration motors for communication.
Design Language: Bold; clear lines, strong colors, distinct textures, emoticons 
Model Builing: The models are put together with 3d-printed and lathed parts. 
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