Railshock Project - Electricity-driven Street Racing
Extreme Sports Vehicle Design Concept
© 2012 Stefan Silberfeld, Nikolaus Schwarz, Jens Kuczwara
University of Applied Arts Vienna
Sponsored by Monster Energy Austria
RAILSHOCK is an extreme-sports vehicle that uses the urban tramrails and its overhead wiring for locomotion. Based on an underground movement of adrenaline junkies it allows them to compete in illegal street races. While riding on a skateboard or a similar self-made device, the pilot is beeing pulled by RAILSHOCK - similar to a wakeboarder or waterskiier.
RAILSHOCK is empowered by a pantograph attached to the top of a pole. This power collector conducts the 600V DC of the overhead wiring to a switch power supply that regulates the current to the 48V DC needed for its wheel hub motor. A motor control unit allows the rider to adjust the speed.
To stay in track RAILSHOCK is beeing hold in the rails by guiding wheels mounted on four side arms. The big drive wheel is located between the rails for best grip and acceleration.
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