3D Animations
A bunch of animations I did for various projects.

This university project in cooperation with a large car company was about designing a car suitable for the challenging city environment. It had to be flexible for different use cases and present itself in a compact and economic way. Disappearing doors, a tight corner radius, a flexible interior and maximum space-efficency were the result. 
For the presentation a video was done completely in 3D and compositing software. The first part is a fake advertising, highlighting the many usecases and the space-efficiency. The second part is a feature demonstration. Everything was realised using Cinema 4D and After Effects. 


Check out the project here
The concept of this project emerged of the question "What if you could democratically distribute a citys power supply to the mass?". The result is a vehicle that is bound to the tram rails and is powered by the high voltage coming from the 
overhead wire. It is a quasi-DIY kit that can be used to ride the streets. Just be aware of the cops. 
The video is a combination of real footage and 3D animation and was done using Cinema 4D, Premiere Pro and After Effects. It tries to capture the mood of illegal street racing and features a technical explosion view. 

"Mobilysis" is a concept that tries to make diaylsis patients more flexible in life. It is a belt that distributes a dialysis solution into the body using a safe and sterile catheder system. The liquid used to clean the blood is then pumped out of the abdominal cavity, gets recycled and is introduced again to the liquid flow. The concept also features a smartphone app that helps monitor the dialysis and enables an easy exchange with the doctor in charge. 
The video combines real footage, green-screen montage and 3D animations and is done with Cinema 4D and After Effects. The latter is an animation that only shows the main interaction methods for the patient: the catheder connection and the excess chambers.
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